Global e-invoicing for your business

Single API to enable global e-invoicing for ISVs, SaaS, ERP and CRM providers.


Enable e-invoicing globally in minutes

Tax Compliance

E-invoices & real-time reporting

Comply with e-invoicing standards around the world & distribute to tax authorities globally.

Easy Integration

By developers, for developers

Single API integration that you can do in 1-3 days.

One Platform

Borderless invoicing

Send to local tax authorities, ERPs, PEPPOL or emails in correct XML format, PDF or other, directly from your software.

Our customers

Software vendors, SaaS, ERPs, etc.

Get instant compliance with the latest regulations in each of your desired countries. Make an invoice and send it. We make sure that everything is processed according to the regulations.

Do we not support a country you desire? Ask us, and we will add it in less than 2 weeks.


Global e-invoicing API

Single API to enable e-invoicing & real-time reporting for your software, globally.

Choose what you need:
  • e-invoice from data
  • global distribution
  • management
  • 10 year cloud storage
  • embedded white label UI
  • automated workflows
  • many more

For software vendors, SaaS, ERPs, CRMs, accounting & invoicing software, marketplaces, global suppliers etc.

{"Invoice": {
    "InvNumber": "INV-1696-2023",
     "InvIssueDate": "2023-03-05",
     "InvAmount": 1200.00,
     "BuyerName": "TailoredSaaS Ltd",
     "BuyerAddress": "Happy street 9",
     "_details": {
         "Items": [ {

Integration with your software

Done in 1-3 days!

Skip whole development of e-invoicing & real-time reporting in multiple countries and send, receive & store e-invoices anywhere, with one integration.

See how easy it is, and start yourself or get on a call with us:

Why DDD invoicing

Strong technology foundation


35 years of experience in the field of business informatics has led our team to develop an easy, powerful solution with direct integration.


Experience flawless connectivity without any further maintenance. Send globally, without worrying about syntaxes in the blink of an eye.


256bit encrypting algorithms and advanced hashing are making sure your data is being transferred without any security issues.


Our solution is built on a powerful back-end development platform responsible for projects of private & governmental nature.