Building your own invoicing solution?

We offer more than 20 APIs with which we help you build an invoicing solution with incredibly short time-to-market.

Let’s get creative

We did the development ... 

Pre-prepared APIs from developers for developers. Integrate them in minutes and create the exact solution that is including invoicing.

... so you don't have to.

Choose among 20 APIs and create your solution in days.

We offer APIs for:

  • use of our white-label UI
  • transformation from data to e-invoices
  • transformation from data to fiscalized invoice
  • transformation from invoice to e-invoice
  • preparation of PDF invoice
  • distribution to domestic tax authority portal
  • distribution to PEPPOL network
  • distribution over mail
  • importing from servers to ERP
  • archiving
  • and much more ...
Why DDD invoicing

Strong technology foundation


35 years of experience in the field of business informatics has led our team to develop an easy, powerful solution with direct integration.


Experience flawless connectivity without any further maintenance. Send globally, without worrying about syntaxes in the blink of an eye.


256bit encrypting algorithms and advanced hashing are making sure your data is being transferred without any security issues.


Our solution is built on a powerful back-end development platform already relied upon for projects of private & governmental nature.